thoughts: creation in motion


A basic understanding of creation is that we begin to form things that we experience from our thoughts.

Here is a square.

Here is a square with wheels on it.

Here is a red square with wheels on it.

Wait a minute. I said here. But where is here?  There is now a red square with wheels on it right here, in your mind. We have just created it, through our imaginations, using words  from my mind travelling to your mind outside of time and space.

I wrote this years before you read it. And far, far away from where you are now. But  we still created this together. Right here, right now. Crazy, isn’t it?

That kind of mental exercise doesn’t create a square out of thin air though, so we don’t call it real “Creation”,  with a capital C.  But if we wanted to, if the intent and desire was there inside of you, you most certainly could create a real red square  of some kind with wheels on it that you could touch and share with others.

Look over there, to that chair in a hospital room. (in your image -in -ation)

There is a very young girl sitting there. She is gazing down at her sister’s tiny new baby, tenderly cradled in her arms, nestled cozily in a plush pink blanket. She feels amazed at the perfection in the tiny face and limbs,  and feels her sister’s pride and joy as she speaks about bringing this new life into the world.

The experience ignites the young girl’s imagination and she begins to see herself in her own mind’s eye, having her own little baby to love and care for; feeling proud of her own accomplishment in bringing  new life to the world.

She thinks back to this moment through the years as she dreams of what she would like to become when she grows up.

Years later, she is smiling down at her own soft newborn bundle. An amazing  creation that started with a sparkle of a thought.