honesty as wealth

Honesty.   gut level.   bottom level.  foundational level

level-headed. uncompromising.



about myself

about what I want

about what I like

about what I love

about what gives me joy.

about what doesn’t.


It is a process of shedding

Layers and layers of illusions

about what I was told I  want

what I should  like

what I ‘m supposed to desire

what I can do

what I want to do

what I am willing to give up to do it.


Honesty is wealth.

Without honesty, all the “stuff””,

will never make me feel

what I feel

when I am being honest and true to myself.


Even if it means that my desires are  something totally different

than I thought they were.

Being true to who I am

is the only way I will truly feel wealthy

at the core of my being.