Breath as wealth

A simple technique guaranteed to help you toward freedom in all areas of your life.


Free 10 step program to Re-breathe life into your dreams



1) Remember- the other 9 breaths

2) Reconnect

3) Redirect

4) Remain

5) Relax

6) Refuse

7) Receive

8) Restamp

9) Renew

10) Rejoice

The  free gift: Intentional Breaths

Breath is the tool that can short circuit undesired habits. If I can remember to breathe 10 good deep breaths, no matter what fear or crisis is presenting itself to my perceptions, I can begin to rebuild my control over my life.

Right now, survival mode thoughts, defense mechanisms, dread and worry, control my responses to the fear based experiences I am having. I feel stuck in this scenario => fear=> habitual unhealthy responses=> avoiding/unhealthy coping

Deep Breathe: I choose now, this moment, in this breath,  a new way.

Now is the moment I am powerful.  Right now, as I make this choice, the past has no power over me in this moment of decision. The “present”, I now give to myself is the POWER to make changes occur in my life; POWER to make a new choice; POWER to make what I desire a concrete experience.
I have the gift of making that choice here, no matter what my past has been like. I now give myself The Present:the Breath of Change.

That quick, that simple: scenario => fear =>intentional breathing => new healthy responses =>soul-utions.

That easy. Breaking with the old, welcoming the new.

10 breaths,

10 steps in a new, conscious, aware direction.

10 steps into my power.

10 steps into my divine potential.

10 steps into my creations

10 steps to freedom, completely free to all.