the love of humanity as wealth

Written after the Haitian earthquake of 2010.

Haiti had cultural as well as physical earthquake effects. Intentions as money were flowing to this part of the world to help ease the crisis. Compassionate people were paying the currency that matters most: attention. Where attention goes, their money was flowing, from their hearts.

In a world where like attracts like, mass attention is the best monetary mover there is. Millions of people want their money to do stuff. Important stuff. Helpful stuff. Compassionate stuff. From the $1 donation to the millions. Because of this intentionally connected giving, the manipulations of politics and power are not the main drivers of monetary flow anymore. It is a subtle shift that may be hard to see, but I  feel it.

This purification of money though loving intent brings so much light to our world. This new world order of compassionate currency promises true wealth for the citizens of earth.


imaginary wealth

groundhog day, thanks to Bill Murray, means not repeating the SAME mistakes……..Happy ground hog day!

Picture something in your mind…..imagine…..

“All great accomplishments have begun with a thought”

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” King Solomon

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” JC

“As above in consciousness so below in matter” MichaelSharp ( substitute awareness for consciousness)


All the mystics agree that this basic principal of creation is acting at all times: Imagine it, feel it and create it.

The true”Religion” of humanity……….

religion: a formalized set of beliefs and practices that explain the world around us and our place in it.

All humanity  is born into this religion of “humaness” under the veil of forgetfulness.

How that humaness is defined is cultural and social and left to our own personal imaginations and devices.

But the past creed of humanity that runs through all the religions and personal beliefs revolves around one central core, our NOT-Godness.

We state and restate the tenents of our creed daily, and hourly, in grand and also subtle ways;

in the personal space of our minds, and in the public spaces of social gathering.

Our statement of confession of our Not-Godness goes something like this:

I believe in my personal limitations,

I believe that others know what is best for me.

I believe I am a victim of circumstances beyond my control, of mind body and soul.

I believe my own human self is beyond my control.

I believe I am ……………………….insert all flavors, races, customs, and belief systems, of limitation here.

I believe this about the world and how it works…………………..insert all manner of religious and scientific doctrines here.

We have accepted this on  “faith” that the world we experience is being created by forces “out there” somewhere. We have accepted this because the people that we trusted have told us these things. We have accepted this because as we were growing up, we experienced this.

We experienced a world that no one asked us if we wanted.

A few of us grew up in personal “worlds” that were sunny and warm and full of nice things. Most of us grew up in worlds where our needs were unmet and our ability to change it was severely limited. We truly and sincerely believe in our limitations because we have experienced them.  So is it any wonder that the out-picturing of these deeply held beliefs is a chaotic mess in our personal and collective worlds?

We truly believe in this great religion of dis-empowerment. The great whore, if you will, is not some outside sinister “force”. She is a set of beliefs dazzling us with freely offered lies of fulfillment in the darkness that we have been fed since before we could open our mouths to form words. And we  continue to believe and teach those beliefs to others.

Everyone born under this veil over our “godness” comes into a reality created by the beliefs of those that have gone before. Born into the “reality” of graves, poverty, suffering, victimization, illness, disease, and a swirling vampiric vortex of selfishness and survival.

We live breathe and eat this illusion and call it “real”, while the omniverse watches in wonder as the greatest creators that ever lived, continually create our own dis-empowerment, failures, disconnections, struggles and heartbreaks.

It’s time for the Creators to Wake up from this dream of dis-empowerment.

Together, we are all  creating conditions on this planet just because of who we are. We are constantly creating the very substances of this world and our lives in magical ways that we don’t currently understand. The time for this lack of understanding is over. It is now time for us to remember that the same way we are creating our dis-empowerment, we can create our empowerment.

The veil that keeps us from understanding WE ARE THE CREATORS of all our experiences is thinning. It is time for the REVELATION of the Sons of God as has been said, for which all creation has been groaning in anticipation and bondage for so long.

NOW we are the Sons and Daughters of God.

NOW we are the creators.

On this earth…

…On this blood soaked, ravaged, war torn, ball of chaos that WE GODS HAVE CREATED, unknowingly, and unwittingly, yes, but created none the less.


With this knowledge streaming forth into our world, we begin to CREATE a WORLD of abundance and peace and love and joy and every other good thing. The call is out to rise up as CREATORS, look at the direction this earth is going, and DECIDE:

No more of that!

Because WE ARE GOD. Because our limitations are the illusions and our GRANDEUR is the True  reality. What is in the heart of man. All the good, all that we call the human goodness of bravery, love and wisdom,  all comes from letting our divinity flow out to this world.

Imagine ALL of that good stuff of our divinity expressed here on this earth. Imagine and it is so. This is god in action. Right action. Imagine, an earth full of CREATORS of GOOD.

Picture something in your mind.

How does it look?

How does it feel?

Is it a good something?

Why not?

The old game is over.

The new game has begun.